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How you can benefit from our Straps or Croakies.

Horizon Sunglasses can really be functional and stylish at the same time. While they protects your eyes and basically remove the discomfort of the sun. If you are going to choose a pair of Horizon Sunglasses, it won't be a bad idea to look at our straps. Maybe you lean forward a lot or have a tendency of dropping your sunglasses, take a look at our straps. One of the smartest things you can do is purchase our sunglasses strap. Our straps serve the same purpose of a croakies or kroakies. Our straps, give the same functionality as croakies and have very practical functions.

If you are planning to purchase our Classics, Custom Classic, Saratogas, or Limited editions- it really is a practical move to purchase our straps to serve as your croakies alternative. So maybe you lean forward a lot or your sunglasses have a tendency of falling off your head- You can definitely benefit from our sunglass straps. But of course, there are some occupations that would benefit from the straps or as laymen would refer to them as croakies more than anyone. Here are a few of them.

        Fishermen- If the boats a rockin, I want my sunglasses on my face (Use our straps or croakies alternative)
Fishing out in the sea for hours at a time, you need to withstand not only the changing weather but also the changing concentration of your catch. Having straps or croakies can allow you to be comfortable whenever your are out in the seas. Croakies can serve as a great protection from the sunlight and the rocking weather since you don't need to worry that your sunglasses will drop into the sea.

Contractors- If I am pounding a hammer, I want to hit the nail- not my sunglasses (Checkout out a strap or croakies alternative)

As a Contractors you have to deal with the heat of the sun for long durations. If your eyes are frequently exposed to the sun, this is not really a good idea for your eyes. While our sunglasses protect contractors from exposure to the sun especially on their eyes with UV400 protection. When you are banging a nail with your trusty hammer, you don't have to worry about hitting your sunglasses with our sunglass straps or croakies. With our straps or croakies, you can be guaranteed your sunglasses will stick with you! Make your glasses stick with our straps or croakies alternative.

    Athletes- Surfer or Skater, Stay Strapped!

We get it , you're an athlete- You surf, skate, or maybe you lean forward a lot. In order to stop your movement from hampering your game and losing your horizon sunglasses, our straps or croakies are a great solution. With our neoprene strap or croakie alternative around your neck and you have greater mobility to do the things you want to do! Straps or Croakies can be applicable to those people who love target shooting and those who love tennis. In fact we hear that avid golfers are now using our straps or croakies alternative so they get the best swing on the golf course.. j.k on that one folks.

    Hikers- Going up a 90 degree hill requires you stay strapped or use croakies alternatives

Hiking means that you need to deal with everything that nature has to offer. Having our strap or croakies, you can concentrate more on your hike than your gear. It allows you to have the mobility without worrying for the things that you would need on your way down. Our straps or even croakies allow hikers to have a good assent to the summit without worrying about the sun. 

There are a lot of people who could get a benefit from our straps or croakies. We offer our straps at an affordable price. While you can buy croakies alternatives anywhere, Our straps are made of comfortable, comforming neoprene. Read our reviews and found our about why people chose to stay strapped over croakies. Some croakies have a tendency to be stiff, good thing our straps are not!

If you are going to buy Horizon sunglasses, you should also invest in a strap as your croakie alternative. It's a cheap investment to keep your shades around your neck. They fit any lifestyle and make a a great accessory to any aficionado's activities.